A replica watch that is in good condition does not actually need maintenance

What we usually call watches in life generally refers to Swiss mechanical watches. Many novices think that the understanding of mechanical watches is more worry-free, because it can keep running without changing the battery. But in fact, the later maintenance of mechanical watches requires additional payment. So what are the steps to maintain a mechanical replica watches?

First, check the appearance, record whether there are bumps, and then test the time error. Generally, the time error of the watch sent for maintenance will be large. A watch that is in good condition does not actually require maintenance. Then inform the customer that during the maintenance process, some parts of the movement may need to be replaced.

Sort the disassembled parts of the movement and clean all the disassembled parts with ultrasonic. If the dirt is difficult to remove, clean it up with a special watch detergent separately.

Check the wear of the gears of the movement parts. Normally, maintenance and repair are not separated. Many watch repair shops that are profitable usually rely on replacing so-called worn parts or gears to maximize their profits. After all, maintenance is physical work, and the replacement of worn parts is expensive.

Then the movement is reinstalled replica watches uk and the parts of the movement are lubricated at the same time, the movement calibration and the waterproof test after the watch is reinstalled are performed.

All watch maintenance procedures are exactly the same. So many watch friends ask me why the maintenance costs of Omega and Rolex are so different?