Omega and Rolex full range of categories replica watches

Obviously, in recent years, Swiss watch brands have continued to cater to and please the Chinese people in terms of the size and appearance of their watches in order to make more profits in China. So what are the favorite luxury watch brands in the Chinese market? We can judge the most popular watch brand in 2021 based on the sales in the first three quarters of this year!

Many people now think that Longines is not a luxury brand, especially after Longines counters and counters of cheap watches such as Mido and Tissot have been merged into one area. In fact, Longines' current positioning is really embarrassing. To be precise, it is at the top of affordable watches and at the bottom of luxury fake watches.

Rolex was originally just an identity for the positioning of a tool watch, and it has played a huge role in the Chinese market that has the brand effect of today's thunder. In particular, the various endorsements of early Hong Kong movies made the domestic middle class have an irresistible feeling for Rolex. Rolex's positioning is not high-end, but the premium is now very high-end.

Omega is actually positioned the same as Rolex, and is itself a watch brand of the same level. Many employees must be furious upon hearing this conclusion. In fact, the full range of Omega and Rolex categories are among the most complete watch brands. It is nothing more than Rolex's inherent advantages in marketing, and the quality of their respective watches and the level of self-produced movements are actually similar. After all, luxury goods mainly rely on storytelling.

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